We have a strong belief that the funeral industry needs to change for the better. Because of this we are proud to be open and honest about everything from: who ultimately owns our business, right through to our transparent online prices. We recognise that a funeral should be fairly priced and that at a time of grief, the bereaved should not be taken advantage of and forced into having extras which they don’t necessarily want or need.

We are here to inform people of their choices, options and help them fulfil those all-important funeral wishes. Evergreen Funeral Services follows 6 important core values which are at the heart of everything we do:

  • We will take care of the person who has passed away
  • We never tell you what you should do
  • We are here for you before, during and after the funeral
  • We are open about our prices
  • We have the time for you
  • We support individuality

So what does Evergreen Funeral Services do that sets us apart? First and foremost we are here to look after your loved one, treating them with dignity and respect at all times. We actually like to get to know the person we are looking after and find out about what they did in their life because sometimes it’s just the smallest touches which are the most meaningful. We also always refer to your loved one by their name and always address them as such whilst caring for them.

We aim to take away as much of the stress of arranging the funeral as possible but also still allow the family to be as hands on or off as they want to be. We do also appreciate that every family is different and for some they may want us to organise and arrange everything from flowers and press notices to wake venues and catering. Others however may want to be very much involved in the process themselves, designing their own orders of service, ordering their own flowers or even creating and taking the service themselves.

We are ultimately here to give our clients what they want whilst informing them of all of the options. We display our prices online to give choice and transparency. We provide a more affordable option for those who need it but we never compromise on the quality of our service. We offer greener funeral elements because it is something we passionately believe in, however we also recognise that not everybody likes the idea of a cardboard coffin or a bio-degradable urn and instead may prefer a traditional option; the choice is always ultimately the family’s decision. Add-ons and extras are never pushed on families because we know they are not always necessary. Remember a funeral is one day, so of course it needs to be special and memorable, but does it really require 5 limousines and a car full of hundreds of pounds worth of flowers? The best funerals we conduct are always the ones where the personality of the person who has died really shines through; the funeral for a football fan where everyone dresses in the team colours or the musician whose own music is played throughout the service; the gardener who had flowers cut from their own garden or the motorcycle enthusiast who arrives in style with a procession of bikers following.

Because we are an independent, family run funeral directors we are able to offer a much more personalised service. Our clients know when they call us they will be speaking to the same people who are directly involved in looking after their loved one. We also don’t conduct more than one full funeral service a day meaning we are never rushing off to the next job and we have the time and attention dedicated to their family.

The one thing that matters to us most is that we really do care about everyone that comes through our door and are proud to be able to say we have quite a few clients who now pop by to see us on a regular basis; to the point that we would now rather refer to them as friends. We understand that grief doesn’t end after the funeral has taken place and we want everyone to know that they are welcome to come and see us for a drink and a chat any time they would like to.

Just as every life is unique, a unique service is needed. Evergreen Funeral Services is an independent funeral directors who are proud to stand out from the crowd.