What to do When Someone Passes Away

The first steps which you will need to take following the death of a loved one will depend on how and where they have passed away.

When someone dies at home, a doctor will need to certify the death. Sometimes this will be the person’s registered GP; sometimes it will be an on-call doctor. When you are ready, you can call us and we will bring the person who has passed away into our care. If the death was expected, the GP will provide you with a medical certificate showing the cause of death. You will need this certificate to register the death.

If the person has died in a hospital or a hospice, you will likely liaise with the bereavement team there who will offer practical and emotional support. The person who has died will usually be kept in the mortuary at the hospital or hospice until a funeral director is appointed or alternative arrangements are made. If you would like us to look after your loved one, we can make the necessary arrangements to bring them into our care.

If somebody dies abroad then the chances are the death was unexpected. The situation will be no doubt very distressing, possibly with family members back home and language barriers also making things even more difficult. Your first steps need to be to do your research and the government’s website can offer a useful starting point for what to do next- http://www.gov.uk/after-a-death/death-abroad

You will need to register the death with the local authority in the country of which the death took place. You should seek advice from the British embassy or consulate in the country in question and you may even be able to register the death with the UK authorities from the country in question. There can be quite a lot of processes you have to follow before you are able to bring your loved one home, particularly if the death was unnatural and a coroner is involved so you should be prepared for this.

‘Repatriation’ is the term often used when referring to bringing someone home from another country and in most cases travel insurance should cover the cost of this. If your loved one does not have travel insurance or it does not cover the full cost of repatriation, then the family will normally be expected to cover the costs. We work alongside various companies who offer a repatriation and transportation service to bring your loved one home so if you need any further advice please give us a call.

If Someone Dies Unexpectedly

If someone dies unexpectedly or if they haven’t been seen by their GP in the last 14 days, their death will be reported to the coroner. The coroner may call for a post-mortem or inquest. This process can take some time however please speak to us and we will be able to liaise with the coroner and make provisional arrangements for the funeral.

There are a number of useful websites with information regarding what to do after a death including:



Registering a Death

Before any funeral can take place the death will need to be registered. You will need to make an appointment at your local register office to register the death usually within five days. You will need to take with you the certificate which was signed by a doctor and shows the cause of death.

Further information regarding registering a death can be found on the relevant councils’ website:



When the death has been registered you will be issued with a certificate for burial or cremation (often referred to the ‘green’) and a death certificate. You will need the ‘green’ certificate to give to your chosen funeral director in order to make arrangements for the funeral.

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