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Music can have a powerful message and we often connect it instantly to the person who has passed away. The choice for funeral music is now becoming more and more varied from the traditional hymns that we all used to think of at a funeral to the more modern choices of our loved one’s favourite chart songs. Nowadays most people are taking the opportunity to celebrate the life of the person who has passed away and here at Evergreen Funeral Services we embrace how much the choice of music reflects the life which someone led.

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The funeral music you choose can be full of love, full of sorrow or be uplifting and celebratory – the choice really is yours. Popular songs and hymns are most commonly played in a service but live musicians can also be brought in if this is something you would like or perhaps a family member may even like to play a tribute on one of their own instruments? We are here to help you plan the service you want so please let us know if you have any special requests. The more unusual music choices will always be the ones which people remember the most, so why not make it unique…even if it is by playing the theme tune from a favourite TV soap!

Traditionally we think of two to three songs being chosen for different parts of the funeral (such as entering, exiting and in between readings) however there is no set amount of pieces you must have so please do let us know your thoughts and ideas and we will do our best to help you to plan the best musical tribute possible. If there are any special restrictions regarding the types of music possible at your funeral venue we will always work with you to decide how best to incorporate your music choices into the funeral service.

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How much will a funeral cost me?

At Evergreen we believe that a funeral should be fair and affordable. We also believe in clear pricing which is why we display our prices online where many other funeral directors still do not. We cater to all funeral needs whether it be a simple service or a more elaborate send off.

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