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Evergreen Funeral Services offer a range of coffins, urns and ashes caskets.


We pride ourselves on giving you choice over all aspects of the funeral process and the coffin in which your loved one will rest should be no different. We offer a range of affordable coffins to suit every style, all sourced from quality UK suppliers. Whether you would like a traditional style wooden coffin, an eco-friendly bamboo coffin or something unique and bespoke such as a painted coffin or a cardboard coffin covered in all of your favourite photographs; we can arrange for this for you.

If you have seen a specific coffin online which you would like, we can try to source this for you so please do let us know.

Please contact us for further details regarding our coffin selection and we would be happy to show you what we can offer you.

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Urns & Ashes Caskets

As we know cremation is a very popular choice nowadays however following it you do have many options with what to do with your loved ones ashes. There are hundreds of styles of urns available for a variety of different uses so you can be sure to find one that is right for you. Below are some ideas of what can be done with ashes after the cremation.

  • Traditionally more formal urns and ashes caskets can be displayed ornamentally in the home or perhaps even in the garden.
  • You may choose to have your loved ones ashes interred into a plot in a cemetery to have a place of memorial for all of the family to visit. If so we can offer a number of options including bio-degradable urns for this purpose if this is something you would like.
  • We can even provide urns that dissolve in water so that a loved ones ashes may be dispersed at sea.
  • Scatter tubes are a popular option for those who may want to scatter their loved ones ashes in a favourite place. These too come in a range of different designs and can also be kept on display until you are ready to scatter the ashes.
  • Small keepsake urns can be used to share the ashes between family members or perhaps to keep a portion of them before the rest are scattered or buried.
  • Similarly there are a number of jewellery pieces which can hold a small portion of the ashes or even be made with some of them, keeping a part of your loved one very close.
  • In more recent times there have been a number of more unusual and creative ideas appearing such as; Firing the ashes into the sky in a beautiful firework display? Having them thrown from a hot air balloon? How about mixed into some clay to create a unique, lasting piece of pottery?

The options for ashes are vast and if there are any ideas that you would like to explore, please contact us and we will do our best to help you to create that unique farewell or lasting memento for your loved one.

How much will a funeral cost me?

At Evergreen we believe that a funeral should be fair and affordable. We also believe in clear pricing which is why we display our prices online where many other funeral directors still do not. We cater to all funeral needs whether it be a simple service or a more elaborate send off.

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