Over the last couple of years there has been a surge in direct cremations in all parts of the UK.

With even the rich and famous often opting for a no-fuss affair, we are now finding that there is more than one reason why a family might choose the direct cremation option:-

  • It may be due to a personal request from the person before they died.
  • It could be due to the cost a conventional funeral being just too expensive.
  • It might even be because the person who has died does not have many remaining relatives to organise / attend a full funeral service.

In simple terms, a direct cremation is where a funeral director collects the person who has died, places them into a simple coffin and subsequently takes them to the crematorium to be cremated. There is no service, no mourners present and the date for the cremation is generally chosen by the funeral director. It is considered to be the cheapest funeral option and ashes can still be returned to the family afterwards if this is their wish. At Evergreen Funeral Services we pride ourselves on our core values and the fact that we do things our way. There are many companies now offering direct cremations, however the service provided is not always the same. We guarantee to always carry out our direct cremations in a hearse, with staff in formal attire. We will also dress the person who has died in their own clothes if this is wanted and we never deny viewing of a loved one where it is possible, regardless of which funeral option has been chosen.

What about an attended direct cremation?

There is now the option at some crematoriums to have an ‘attended direct cremation’. This option, where available, is similar to the direct option in that there is no service. However, a small number of mourners may attend the crematorium. This option is useful for some families who don’t want a full funeral service but who still want to be present to see the coffin into the chapel. With this option the family members can have about 10 minutes where they may listen to a piece of music and spend those last moments with the coffin if they so wish. Again the ashes can still be returned to the family if they would like.

Could we just hold a service with the ashes?

Many families are now shunning the traditional funeral service and opting to have a ‘back to front’ one, where their loved one is cremated first via a direct cremation and then the family get together to hold a memorial service afterwards. This not only saves them money but also gives them greater flexibility regarding venue, date or even time of the year, with some families opting to use the event to also scatter or bury the ashes. Examples of a service with ashes could be a celebration of life down at a village hall with photo slides and refreshments, a scattering ceremony in a special location, or a woodland ashes burial in the summer months. With a memorial service the possibility for personalisation is endless and we embrace the fact that every family should do what is right for them and their loved one. If you would like more information about direct cremation, attended direct cremation or any of the other services we offer, please see our website or contact us on 01482 212888.